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Farm Workers' Movements

(see also Farm Labor Conditions, Trade Unionism since 1940 & Cesar Chávez)

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Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

United Farm Workers' Union.

Via Campesina.

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Farriss, Susan & Ricardo Sandoval. The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chávez & the Farm Workers' Movement (ed. Diana Hembree; NY: Harcourt Brace, 1997).

Groves, Reginald. Sharpen the Sickle!: The History of the Farm Workers' Union (London: Porcupine, 1949).

Mooney, Patrick H. & Theo J. Majka. Farmers' & Farm Workers' Movements: Social Protest in American Agriculture (NY: Twayne, 1995).

Morán Quiroz, Luis Rodolfo. Una organización campesina en Estados Unidos: the United Farm Workers of Washington State, 1986-1996 (Guadalajara: Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, 2000).

National Farm Labor Union. The Wetback Strike: A Report on the Strike of Farm Workers in the Imperial Valley of California, 5/24-6/25/51 (Washington, 1951).

Scharlin, Craig & Lilia V. Villanueva (eds.) Philip Vera Cruz: A Personal History of Filipino Immigrants & the Farm Workers' Movement (LA: UCLA Labor Center, 1992).

Smith, Sidney D. Grapes of Conflict (Pasadena CA: Hope, 1987).

Sosnick, Stephen H. Hired Hands: Seasonal Farm Workers in the US (Santa Barbara CA: McNally & Loftin, West, 1978).

Thomas, Robert J. & William H. Friedland. The United Farm Workers' Union: From Mobilization to Mechanization? (Ann Arbor MI: Center for Research on Social Organization, 1982).

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Altman, Linda Jacobs. Migrant Workers: The Temporary People (NY: Franklin Watts, 1994).

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Film & Video

"Aqui se puede" [1991], dir. Melissa Young, 13m. From Moving Images.

"The Golden Cage (Jaula de Oro): A Story of California's Farmworkers" [1989], dir. Susan Ferriss, 29m. From Filmakers Library.

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